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International Accounting Standards: 2004
Author: international accounting standards committee foundation
Publishing date: May, 2005
Price: £¤320.00

Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises (2003)
(Chinese, English, Japanese)
Author: the MOF of PRC
ISBN 7-5005-6759-6
Publishing date:  Sep,2003
Price: 45.00
Pages: 300
Brief Introduction:
All the CAS that announced by the Ministry of Finance, PRC, since 1997, has been translated into English and Japanese, it affected the china accounting reform's result.

Accounting system for business enterprises (2003),(Chinese and English)
Author: the MOF of PRC
ISBN: 7-5005-6036-2
Publishing date: May, 2003
Price: 25.00
Brief Introduction:
In accordance with "the Accounting Law of the People's Republic of China" and other related laws and regulations promulgated by the state, the accounting system for business enterprises is formulated to prescribe accounting treatments by enterprises and to ensure true and complete accounting information is provided by enterprises.

China's Independent Auditing standards (third edition)
ISBN: 7-5005-5522-9
Publishing date: Mar, 2002
Price: 60.00
Size: 297¡Á210mm
Pages: 362


Author: Ruoshan Li
ISBN: 7-5005-6276-4
Publishing date: June, 2003
Price: £¤ 20.00
Brief Introduction: With the continuous disclosure of the accounting scandal, the CPA are getting into a difficult position. Through this book, the author hopes that the public can understand the CPA and the CPA can fulfill their due duty bitterly.

Author: Feng Liu
Publishing date: June, 2003
Price: £¤26.00
Pages: 193
Brief introduction: This book is a "science books", which lies between the popular literature and professional works. As far as the structure is concerned, the author pay more attention to human¡¯s freedom which has inner link with the development rule of the listed company financial report, and so gives a describing frame.

Author: Shizhong Huang
ISBN: 7-5005-6274-8
Publishing date: June, 2003
Price: £¤48.00
Pages: 404
Brief introduction: This book gives a complete analysis of the ten fraud cases, such as Worldcom, and Enron, introduces the accounting and auditing problem of this listed company, analysis its effect, and with consideration of the relation between accounting, auditing and corporation management the author gives us some lessons and experience.
Author:Youzhi Xue & Shuping Xi
ISBN: 7-5005-6277-2
Publishing date: June, 2003
Price: £¤16.00
Pages: 108
Brief introduction: The basic thought of this book is the company culture whose foundation is the social culture in the United States. The author wants to found the reason of those scandals and bring Chinese company some enlighten and hope.

Author:Wei¡¯an Li
ISBN: 7-5005-6278-0
Publishing date: June, 2003
Price: £¤28.00
Pages: 198
Brief introduction:
The author try to found the profound reason hiding behind the scandals in the listed company, and so get the method to solve the problem of corporation management in Chinese company. 
On cost (cost management series for 21st century)
ISBN 7-5005-5128-2
Author: Lin Wanxiang
Publishing date: Apr, 2001
Price: 35.000
Size: 205*140mm
Pages: 624

On quality cost management (cost management series for 21st century)
ISBN 7-5005-5128-2
Author: Lin Wanxiang
Publishing date: June, 2002
Price: 30.00
Size: 205*140mm
Pages: 413

Disclosure Requirements of China Securities Market 2001
ISBN 7-5005-5280-7
Author: CSRC
Publishing date: Aug, 2001
Price: 56.00
Size: 250*175
Pages: 393

Disclosure Requirements of China Securities Market 2002
ISBN 7-5005-6228-8
Author: CSRC
Publishing date: Mar, 2003
Price: 66.00
Size: 250*175
Pages: 497

The CPA Say ¡°no¡±: the Analysis of Audit Opinion on China Securities Market(1992-2000)
ISBN 7-5005-5543-1
Author: the department of accounting of CSRC, Shanghai Securities Exchange
Publishing date: Aug, 2002
Price: 380.00
Size: 250*175
Pages: 2378

Research on china¡¯s accounting reform and development in new century
ISBN 7-5005-4876-1
Author: Wei Minghai,etc
Publishing date: Dec, 2000
Price: 32.00
Size: 205*140
Pages: 726

The issue of finance and accounting, under transform economic
ISBN 7-5005-5516-4
Author: Tan Jinshong, Liu Feng
Publishing date: Dec, 2001
Price: 20.00
Size: 205*140
Pages: 350

The explain for China¡¯s enterprise accounting system
ISBN 7-5005-5100-2
Author: the accounting department of MOF
Publishing date: May, 2001
Price: 35.00
Size: 205*140
Pages: 654
Brief introduction
This book told the accountants how to use Enterprise Accounting System to deal with the accounting affairs.

Enterprise internal control operating manual
ISBN 7-5005-6406-6
Author: Ma Weibing, Yu Zengbiao, Ding Zhengdong
Publishing date: Aug, 2003
Price: £¤280.00
Size: 210¡Á297mm
Pages: 1084

Guide on ethics for Chinese CPAs
ISBN: 7-5005-5984-4
Author: CICPA
Publishing date: Sep, 2002
Price: £¤6.00
Size: 205¡Á140
Pages: 58

Accounting theory: study on concept and structure of financial accounting
ISBN: 7-5005-6179-2
Author: Ge Jiasu, Liu Feng
Publishing date: Jan, 2003
Price: £¤18.00
Size: 205¡Á140
Pages: 314

The guideline of profession trust construction on CPA, CPV in China
ISBN 7-5005-6253-5
Author: the Chinese independent certified public accountant
Publishing date: Dec, 2002
Price: £¤8.00
Size: 205¡Á140
Pages: 106

Research on method and basic theory of accounting under economic market
Author: Ge Jiasu
ISBN 7-5005-2989-9
Publishing date: Jan, 1996
Price: 24.00
Size: 205¡Á140mm
Pages: 462

Research on accounting history: history, present and future, volume ¢ñ
ISBN: 7-5005-7576-9
Author: Guo Daoyang
Publishing date: Aug, 2004
Price: £¤32.00
Size: 205¡Á140mm
Pages: 578

Research on accounting history: history, present and future, volume ¢ò
ISBN: 7-5005-7372-3
Author: Guo Daoyang
Publishing date: Sep, 2004
Price: £¤48.00
Size: 205¡Á140mm
Pages: 696

Discuss on financial accounting¡¯s theory, method and code
Author: Ge Jiasu, professor of Xiamen University
Publishing date: Jan, 2002
Price: 28.00
Size: 205¡Á140mm
Pages: 504
Brief introduction:
Ge Jiasu, the famous accounting professor of China,
The issues focus on basic theory and standards of financial accounting in China, concern on

Dengxiaoping¡¯s Finance and Economics Theory and the Fiscal Reform in China
Author: Baoren Li & Jie Jia
ISBN: 7-5005-7471-1
Brief Introduction: The authors come from the Central University of Finance and Economic and China Financial & Economic Publishing House. They give a summary of the experience of Deng¡¯s finance and economics theory in fiscal system.

China: A New Step of Tax Reform
Author: Peiyong Gao
ISBN: 7-5005-6814-2
Brief Introduction: This book comes from the issue , ¡°Perfect the socialist market economy system¡±,  which was put forward on the Communist Party of China¡¯s Third Plenary Session of the 16th Party Central Committee. In this book the autor further emphasizes the necessity of the tax reform. 

China Special Economic zone & Development Area Yearbook
Author: Shen Peng
ISBN: 7-5005-6849-5
Publishing date:

China Central Western Area Development Yearbook
Author: Jiang Liu
ISBN: 7-5005-6850-9

China Economic System Reform Yearbook
Author: Shen Peng
ISBN: 7-5005-6944-0